Is Carbonless Paper Safe?

Posted by administrator | 15 Apr, 2014

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by Kirk Joorabchi, Production Manager

source A group of graphic arts students from the local university came by last week for a tour of Like most visitors we have around here, they asked what is that smell? It’s a good thing that I am not overly sensitive! I explained to them that the inks and cleaning solvents and even the carbonless paper that we use have a small amount of VOCs, (volatile organic compounds), and that while we are accustomed to them, most visitors find them unpleasant. One of the students then asked: Is carbonless copy paper dangerous? Is carbonless paper toxic? Both are good questions. If he had asked me that 30 or 40 years ago I would have said there might be a good possibility. But the carbonless paper we use today is neither toxic nor dangerous.

Stock market closing time today Much time and effort has been spent by the makers of carbonless paper to insure that it is safe to use even for prolonged periods.

interactiveoptions com The CDC (Center for Disease Control) published a report in 2000 titled Niosh Hazard Review Carbonless Copy Paper, Where it stated in part:
“In conclusion, although the weight of the evidence indicates that exposure to CCP in the past has resulted in adverse health effects; it is uncertain whether current formulations of CCP represent a significant risk to exposed workers. Only a few cases of systemic reactions and allergic contact dermatitis have been reported in the United States or in Europe, which suggests that the risk of these serious outcomes is extremely low given the large number of people who have been exposed to CCP over a period of many years.” It further stated: “This conclusion is based on the finding that three such cases have been reported in the peer-reviewed medical literature. No cases have been reported in the last 7 years, and thus there is no evidence that current exposures to CCP present a
risk for this health outcome.” So while carbonless paper may have a slight odor, it is perfectly safe to use! This entry was posted on 15 April, 2014 09:00 and filed under Carbonless Papers . This article was trackbacked 3 times.