How Does Carbonless Paper Work?

Posted by administrator | 30 Jan, 2014

idol dating rumors 2014 How Does Carbonless Paper Work?
By Allen Woolf, Owner,

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source We at have been printing carbonless paper for over 35 years now and that is probably the number #1 question we are asked when it comes to carbonless paper, how does the stuff work? How does the image transfer from sheet to sheet? Let's look at how a 2 part set works, say a white top copy and a yellow bottom copy. The back of the white top sheet of paper is coated with micro-encapsulated colorless dye and oils and is known as a CB sheet, meaning coated back. The CF (bottom yellow) sheet has a clay based absorbent coating.

Stock market closing time today When the pressure of a pen or pencil is applied, the capsules of the white CB ply are ruptured and the dyes are released to react with the clay coating on the yellow CF ply and forms a visible image. Now if there is a third copy, say pink, then the middle sheet is know as CFB sheets, meaning the paper is coated on both front and back but the transfer process is the same. The pressure of writing or typing breaks the capsules and reacts with the coatings below to form a visible image.

interactiveoptions com alt Remember, using carbonless paper is a fast, effective and cheap way to reproduce documents, receipts and other business forms. You can duplicate documents without having to go to a scanner or copy machine. This entry was posted on 30 January, 2014 08:27 and filed under Carbonless Papers . This article was trackbacked 14 times.