Carbonless Forms Are Environmentally Safe

Posted by administrator | 14 May, 2013 migliori opzioni binarie truffa If your like most business’ in today’s environmentally aware world that use invoices, work orders, purchase orders, or other carbonless forms on a regular basis carbonless forms require no carbon sheet, which cuts the waste in half, and also it requires less space if the paper is to be filed and saved.

trading demo gratuito Not only does it reduce waste, but carbonless paper is also biodegradable. What does that mean? It means that it is made of natural elements that break down over time, meaning there will be no waste left over, unlike plastics which are not biodegradable.

click They are preferred not only because of their environmentally friendly style, but also because they are very precise and high quality. They usually come in two, three or four parts. They have a middle sheet that is coated on both sides. Printing on the top sheet of the form will provide you with copies.

nebenjob binäre optionen You can find these at many business supply stores and office supply stores – and increasingly at many big box retailers, although these are generic forms that are not personalized. You can also find these types of forms online with many retailers. The advantage of buying carbonless forms online is that you can get a better price, especially when buying in bulk, and can have the forms customized to your exact specifications without spending an arm and a leg.

opzioni digitali il migliore If you want to save your business some money and save the Earth some damage, then switch to carbonless papers. It’s the easiest way to save the planet.

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Behind The Scenes, How The CUSA Process Works

Posted by administrator | 8 May, 2013 So you have gone thru the order process and submitted an order, but what happens after the order has been placed. Let me explain what happens after you have placed your carbonless forms order.

Orders placed on are monitored throughout the day in real time.  Your order appears on our computer screens as they are placed alerting the CSR's of the pending order. Our CSR's will review your order, any issues with the pending order should be resolved at this step in the process. There are a few automated emails that our system can send based on your order, an example would be if your credit card is declined, or your artwork gets upgraded/downgrade, an automated email will be sent advising you of a price adjustmen. Another automated email will advise you of the adjusted cost of your order when a discount coupon is validated. Other issues with your order will be handled by a CSR sending the customer an email or attemping contact by phone.

With a few clicks of the mouse a work order is created, your uploaded digital file is sent thru our automated work-flow and classified as either standard or approved artwork. Standard artwork will require some "hands-on" processing at this point, while the approved artwork continues its flow and is sent to the appropriate production press.

Once your order has been printed, it is routed to the bindery area for finishing. Here your order is edge-glued, trimmed to size and finished according to your specifications before being sent to the shipping department. Our shipping dept will do a final quality inspection of your order before it is processed to ship.

In most cases CarbonlessUSA can turn your order in 3 business days. Orders like those that get a wrap-around cover will need additional production time.


April's Promotion Discount

Posted by administrator | 1 Apr, 2013

Since we failed to offer our customers a promotion discount for the moth of March, Karla has instructed me to give any new Full Color (4-Color Process) order 15% off the cost excluding freight charges during the month of April. So brighten your forms by adding some color, place your order and enter " source fullcolor" in the promotional discount box during checkout.

Discounts or Rewards

Posted by administrator | 1 Mar, 2013

The debate is on here at Total Printing Solutions, whether or not to continue the promotional code discounts or go with a rewards program. While the promotion code discounts have had great results, still there are good customer not taking advantage of these discounts. A rewards programs could include all customers and after they reach a certain level the rewards points could be applied to an order. Personally, I want to continue with offering various promotional discounts but also have a rewards program. This is where I need some help, post your opinion, thoughts or whatever and let us know what you would perfer.

A Bit About

Posted by administrator | 1 Jan, 2013

CarbonlessUSA first launched in Apr 2001, as a source for custom printed edge-glued carbonless forms to print brokers throughout the lower 48 states. Business steadily grew over the first 5 or so years but then seemed to have reached a plateau, while continuing to turn away more and more possible customers that were not print brokers. By 2007 e-commerce had become more trustworthy, internet sales in all markets was increasing so in late 2007 the decision was made to open the doors, so to speak, to the general public while maintaining the current price structure, basically offering wholesale prices to small business', end-users and resellers. Today CarbonlessUSA has customers in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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