Using a Document Shredding Service: Onsite or Off-site

Posted by administrator | 3 Jun, 2013
On-site document shredding service provider destroys unwanted documents in the company when a company manager is watching. The shredding company comes to your company with shredding equipments and recycle bins. Take away or off-site document shredding is when you take a bin full of unwanted document to a company for shredding. You will leave the documents with the shredding company which will be destroyed after two days depending with the number of documents in the list that needs to be shredded.

The current society is full of people who make money from other people's miseries. A group of criminals sit in front of computers everyday and steal other businessmen identities. When important documents have been leaked to the wrong people, the chances of identity theft are high. Criminal do not just steal your identity, they purchase assets or withdraw money from all your bank accounts. An example of identity theft is when documents that were supposed to be destroyed are in the hands of criminals who can forge your signature. These criminals will purchase a house, a car or even expensive jewellery using your account information. Some criminals make small purchases that cannot be detected for a long time but there are those who buy assets that you cannot afford hence leaving you and your family in debt.

Identity theft and company secrets being leaked to other competing companies are some of the main reasons why you should consider on-site document shredding. The shredding company will come with big trucks that contain shredding equipments. Unwanted document can be on papers or in flash drives or other storage devices. This method of shredding documents is costly because of the expenses the shredding company incurs when transporting shredding equipments. A certification showing that the shredding company has the right to carry out this business should be produced. This is because there are people who pretend to be in a legal business while they have been hired by other companies to steal your company's business secrets. The only challenge with on-site document shredding is that for bulk documents, a company will provide extra parking facilities for huge trucks to fit. A small company will find this method useful because the number of unwanted document will be small. Big corporations should also consider this method because leaving important documents with unknown people can create a big problem for the future plans of the company.

Off-site document shredding takes less energy and it is cheaper as compared to on-site. You can carry on with your business while the papers are being shredded. Documents are transported to the shredding company and left under the care of an operations manager who will include your company's documents in a list. This means that it will take more than a day for your documents to be destroyed. This process does not require supervision and this creates time and opens doors for people to read your company's documents. On-site shredding service will ensure a company's security even though it is expensive. Off-site is cheap and easy to use but security is not important in this method of document shredding service.

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Felicity is a part-time author, writing occassional pieces in the UK about business security and data protection matters. To discover more about a document shredding service as well as mobile shredding, paper shredding and confidential shredding, then please visit The Shredding Alliance.

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The Contemporary Business Word

Posted by administrator | 3 Jun, 2013 The material which follows is from a source I have not as yet been able to identify. According to Dakota tribal wisdom, when astride a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount. In the contemporary business world, however, given this situation, we would expect to observe these strategies in various stages of implementation:

1. Buy a stronger whip
2. Change riders
3. Uphold tradition: "This is the way we have always ridden a horse"
4. Appoint a committee or team to study the horse
5. Schedule visits to other sites to learn how they ride horses
6. Elevate the standards (ie "quality control") for riding dead horses
7. Establish a special training program to improve riding skills
8. Correlate the state of dead horses to today's environment
9. Change the criteria by which to determine that a horse is dead
10. Harness several dead horses together to increase power and speed
11. Increase funding to improve the horse's performance
12. Consider out-sourcing to determine if a subcontractor can ride it better
13. Purchase a new product which "they say" makes a horse run more
14. Declare that the horse is "better, faster, and cheaper" if dead
15. Create a Quality Cycle to identify uses for dead horses
16. Re-evaluate benchmark performance requirements for horses
17. Promote the dead horse to a supervisory position
18. Formulate a prudent early-retirement package for the dead horse
19. Use the dead horse to motivate other dead horses
20. Blame cheap foreign labor for the horse's death
21. Publicize the dead horse as evidence of a paradigm shift
22. Hire a taxidermist to supervise crisis management
23. Downsize hay production and distribution by at least 40%
24. Retain Robert Redford as a management consultant to improve
communications with the unresponsive horse.
25. Sell the saddle and bridle, then invest the money in the employees' 401(k)
pension fund

Happy trails!

Robert Morris

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Carbonless Forms Are Reemerging As a Staple in Some Small Businesses

Posted by administrator | 23 May, 2013

here For many business owners, carbonless forms continue to be an important part of their business processes. The problem is they are getting harder to find at reasonable prices. Most accounting and management software programs would love to have their users do one-stop receipt entry and printing, invoice entry and printing and etc. For many businesses that works fine. For many other it does not work. Let me give you an example of a business is does not work. Eyeglass sales company employees find it much easier to use a carbonless form when determining a customer's prescription, lens, frame or coatings needs. The eye doctor performing the exam does not want to have a computer sitting on the exam tray and is much more comfortable with a small carbonless form that she/he can write the prescription on. After the exam is finished the form goes to the salesperson on the floor for entering the frame type and selected options the customer chose. When finished, you have a copy available for the doctor's records, the accounting records, to send to the lens manufacturer communicating the prescription information, and, if need be, a copy for the customer.

Due to the decreasing demand, fewer printers are doing carbonless forms and the prices continue to go up. A select few printers have recognized the reemerging need by some businesses for them and are starting to re-enter the market place with much newer and faster equipment.

These days, forms are available in one color printing or full color printing. The full color printing is a more expensive option. They are available in custom or standard sizes. The standard sizes include 8.5" x 11", 5.5" x 8.5", and 4.25" x 5.5". They are available with no printing on the back pages or with printing on the back pages for additional charge. Typically, printers offer 2-part, 3-part, 4-part and 5-part forms standard or additional sheets at custom quote (going beyond 4-part impacts the quality of the copy on the deeper sheets). Standard options for gluing the sheets include top, bottom, left or right. The carbonless forms can even be bound into a book if that supports the filing system of the business. Printers also offer an option of drilling holes if you want to store forms in three ring binders. Several more options are available that we will not go into now.

If carbonless forms were a part of your business processes, you tried something else, and decided to go back, don't despair. The resurgence in use is lowering prices and the new printing technologies are improving quality.

If your business relies on the use of carbonless forms, don't despair. At we are focused on bringing affordable, top quality carbonless forms back into the mainstream if your business needs them. We offer free artwork for developing your form design based on your guidance and offer free shipping within the contiguous US. Carbonless forms are reemerging, more available, more affordable and improving in quality.

The Need for Carbonless Forms

Posted by administrator | 23 May, 2013

These days the advancement in business and technology has benefited us a lot but we need to take care of our environment as well. The advancement in technology has made possible for businesses to convert all of their correspondence on e-media. Still, businesses need to rely on papers and hardcopies. For legal documentation, contractual papers and other papers for approvals or notifications need to be there in companies and organizations. When a need of paper documentation comes, the need of copying also gets visible.

For duplicating papers and documents, a photocopy machine is needed. However, using a photocopy machine is still quite expensive and less cost effective as it requires ink, electricity and ware tare of printing machine. Small to medium sized businesses need to cut their overheads in order to make business stable and more profitable. Photocopy machine is surly an overhead and businesses need to opt for any alternative. All of us remember that in past, carbon paper was used to create quick duplicate of all official documents. This practice also used these days by many people. In carbon paper, a loosely bound dry ink or pigmented coating is used that is bound to paper by the use of special wax. The biggest disadvantage of carbon paper is that it stains the duplicate paper or any place where it has been laid.

Online printing companies that are always on the hunt of innovating new ideas and products for the ease of people, have formed another breakthrough thing that will help all of the organizations. The companies like CarbonlessUSA have invented carbonless form printing that has replaced the carbon papers. Now carbonless forms are in high demand by the businesses and organizations of all types. Carbonless forms can be used for wide array of purposes like order forms, service forms, invoices, cash receipts, bank deposit slips, estimation forms and much more. The carbonless forms work in a very simple and hassle free way, they consist of sheets of paper that are coated with microencapsulated dye and reactive clay. The clay quickly reacts with the dye to form a permanent mark on the duplicate paper. This method of creating duplicate of documents has worked wonders for businesses and organizations of different kinds.

Carbonless forms come in different types depending on the purpose of use. The use of 2 part carbonless forms printing is common in receipts, invoices, bank deposit slips and other cash related documents. It helps in increasing the cash flow and maintaining the financial record of company. Besides 3 part carbonless forms printing is used for the printing of contracts, work orders, service forms and other purposes.

How Old Are Your Carbonless Forms?

Posted by administrator | 23 May, 2013

Did you know that carbonless paper ages? If you've ever used a carbonless form that doesn't print very dark on the second or third sheets, the problem is most likely caused by old paper that contains dried-out micro ink capsules. You'd be interested to know that some of our competitors buy "old" carbonless paper on sale to lower their costs. We never do. We only purchase fresh carbonless paper!

go to site Carbonless Form Production and Design Tips:

  1. Give yourself 1/2" of white space at the top of any carbonless form. Occasionally, the padding compound that printers use will bleed down from the padding edge and cause the top 1/8" of the paper to wrinkle slightly. White space makes it very hard to notice the wrinkling.

  2. Just because carbonless forms are practical doesn't mean they have to be boring. Experiment with bold graphics to add pizzazz to your next project. In addition, two colors of ink can make a dramatic improvement in the appearance of carbonless forms, most of which are printed in black ink.

  3. Since many carbonless business forms are saved or filed for record keeping, why not consider designing the form so it includes three-hole drilling on the left side for those who want to archive their forms in three-ring binders?

  4. Consider shrink-wrapping the finished carbonless forms. They'll look nicer and actually last longer.


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