Make Your Website More Panda Friendly

Posted by administrator | 31 Jul, 2013

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The recent Google Panda update has raised the bar not only for SEO experts but also for web designers. It's getting tougher and tougher to rank well and that means that you really have to pay attention to all designing and Google ranking factors. When we do this, search engines rewards us because we are rewarding our audience and providing them with the information and experience they are looking for. The following points will help you to make your website panda proof:-

1.Content is key:The Panda algorithm update emphasizes providing assurance only on websites that contain unique and useful content. This will help users better find content relevant to their search. If you provide web page content that is unique, relevant, high quality and preferably 1000+ words, your site will likely be rewarded with improved rankings and therefore, increased traffic.

2.Above the fold design: Narrowing your header images, removing header banner images and pushing more content onto the top of your site will help with Panda.

3.Web Page indexing: A website with more than 100 web pages and maximum pages indexed by Google would be considered as a Panda friendly website.

4.Page rank: Page rank is still one of the most important factors. PageRank is an independent measure of Google's perception of the quality/authority/credibility of an individual web page. It does not depend on any particular search phrase. Google conveniently reports this as a number from 0-10 (10 being the best).

5.Check your Domain registration: Domain registration for five years helps to enhance authority points. This is a small tip, but every little bit helps.

6.Webmaster tools: It enables webmasters to get a better idea of what Google "thinks" about their web sites, how the Google "spider" sees them, and what improvements could be made.

7.Social media proof: Google Panda takes social media trends seriously and content that is loved by social media sites like Twitter and Facebook gets better position in search engines.

8.Optimize for Fast Load Times: Avoid flash, single background images in the website. Google tends to favor sites that are snappy, quick, and fast.  

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Why Choose PHP for Website Development

Posted by administrator | 11 Jul, 2013

trader optional navigator Why Choose PHP for Website Development
By Sam J Loeb

PHP is a very versatile programming language and can be used in a range of web applications, such as CRMs, forums, auction websites, blogs, e-commerce solutions, and CMS websites. In the search for the right programming language for creating a website it will certainly benefit to put a significant amount of emphasis on the flexibility of the language, the ability to handle complex tasks, support databases, and run on multiple platforms.

If new to programming languages, it will benefit to sign up to one of the PHP training courses to get a better appreciation of the unique features and advantages of building a website using this language. Here are some of the main qualities of using the PHP programming language:

Open Source: A significant reason for the popularity of PHP is that it is a open source language so entirely free to share, use, and download. Once you have been able to establish a broad knowledge of the many commands available with this programming language, you will be entirely free to create a highly effective and interactive web application.

Ease of Use: If able to put in the initial time and effort you will soon find that PHP is quite straightforward to learn, use, and set-up. Because of this ease of use it is highly favored by many of the web development agencies. Although for the first time website builder, one of the many free or paid PHP training courses is certain to offer the ability to learn all there is to know about this programming language.

Portability: PHP is able to operate on either the Linux or windows servers. If you want the more cost-effective solution, you will likely want to use the Linux servers due to the zero licensing fees that are associated with the servers.

Support: If you are a start-up PHP developer you will certainly notice a range of resources for getting support which might include the e-commerce solutions like OsCommerce, Magento, and Zen Cart; content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, as well as the many dedicated forums.

Frameworks: In order to speed up the process of developing the large size applications, a lot of frameworks are available for the PHP developer. A high level of performance and quality can be easily achieved using the right framework for a custom web application like Codeigniter, Symfony, CakePHP, or Zend.

All in all, if you are searching for one of the more versatile options for learning to code a website from scratch, you will certainly appreciate the many qualities of using PHP.

Get a lot more information on PHP training for help in building a wide range of websites using this programming language.

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Plastic Cards Are Great For Creating Awareness For Any Product Or Service

Posted by administrator | 1 Jul, 2013

A great way of advertising or creating an awareness of your product or service is by using a plastic card. Nearly every one of us carries some sort of plastic card in our handbag or wallet. A plastic card is an ideal way of promoting a business to the public. Today more and more companies and businesses are using plastic cards for various reasons.

go to site The several uses of plastic cards

Plastic cards have several numerous uses: They are used by companies and individuals as business cards. They are used as membership cards, VIP cards, loyalty cards, discount cards, gift cards by clubs, stores, hospital, clinics etc. They are used as key access or security cards in companies, factories, hotels and other facilities. They are used as luggage tags by travellers, as prepaid phone cards, as credit and debit cards and as photo ID cards in business and other undertakings. The benefits of using plastic cards

There are several benefits for using plastic cards: A plastic business card can give you business a boost. They are very durable and will not get damaged or crushed easily like paper cards. They will not disintegrate if they come in contact with water. They can be made in various colors and can be printed with various attractive designs, or they could be made in the specific colors and printed with the designs and logos of a business. Plastic cards can be embossed with various details like numbers, names and contact, validity etc. They could also have a magnetic strip behind which stores various data. Plastic cards also make good identity cards as all details of the person including his photograph can either be imprinted on the card making it easy for security staff to check. migliori opzioni binarie truffa The various types of plastic cards

There are several varieties of plastic cards like embossed cards, frosted cards, die cut cards, metallic colored cards, smart cards, magnetic strip cards and more. Embossing a card can give it texture, as the information that is embossed on it stands out. This type of card is generally used as a credit card, debit card, membership card, loyalty card, gift card as well as a business card. Sometimes these cards could have a magnetic strip behind them that stores information and details about the card holder etc. Smart cards are generally used as an authentication and identification cards by phone, television, transport and health card companies. Frosted cards are transparent and make classy and sophisticated business cards. A plastic card can be given a metallic finish or be custom die cut to any shape to give it a unique look.