Snowden's Huge Gamble Leaking Massive Data Collection Story

Posted by administrator | 19 Jun, 2013 Snowden's Huge Gamble Leaking Massive Data Collection Story
By Bill Honer migliori opzioni binarie truffa Edward Snowden had a well-paying job as an intelligence analyst with high security clearance. Although already depicted by some conservative politicians as a "technician", he was in fact an analyst who had been a former senior adviser to the CIA. Edward Snowden and intelligence analyst living in Hawaii, which is to say he was living in paradise. I say that as a former resident of Hawaii. In effect, he sacrificed a large salary and pleasant lifestyle to inform the American people how their privacy rights had been eliminated and abused by both Congress and the Administration. Will the result be worth the sacrifice?

trading demo gratuito The argument set forth in the media that giving up privacy is essential to combating terrorism is specious. After a potential terrorist is identified abroad, government authorities could go before a judge to secure a search warrant. The massive collection of data on all American citizens is not essential to antiterrorism work and is simply an abuse of privacy perpetrated upon the American people.

click We will no doubt be exposed to the rhetoric of politicians and government officials claiming that he had sinister motives. However, such assertions may be readily discredited. He had access to the rosters of everyone working in the CIA and elsewhere at home and abroad. Snowden could have sold that information for a great deal of money to the Russians and other governments. He did not do so. Snowden had such high level authorization that not only could he have intercepted your e-mails and phone calls, he could have done so to the President. Moreover, if he had wanted to shut down the entire secret system of spying on the American people, he said he could have done that in one afternoon. Referring to him as merely a "technician" is a falsehood and designed to diminish his status. On the 12 minute interview that he gave that was presented on CNN (to their credit I might add), he made the fundamental argument was that the public should have the right to say whether the government should have access to their e-mail accounts, phone records, and Internet usage. He also indicated that he was unwilling to live "un-freely" in such a society. Snowden said that he recognizes that he could be extradited and charged with criminal penalties, hunted down by the CIA or its third-party operatives in other nations; he is prepared to sacrifice himself for the common good. What is his greatest fear? It is that the American people will stand by and do nothing about the revelations.

nebenjob binäre optionen Unfortunately, Edward Snowden has every right to fear that the American people will fail to react. There is a long history of American political disengagement. Evidence of this was pointed out in Robert Putnam's sociological work "Bowling Alone", in which he cited that Americans under 40 were only 50% as likely to write a member of Congress, write a letter to the editor, or attend a public meeting. A brief comparison may be helpful here in understanding the high level of political disengagement by Americans. When the Spanish government agreed to support the Iraq war, an estimated 16 million Spaniards took to the streets in cities throughout the nation. For a similar protest in the United States, we would need to see more then 70 million Americans publicly protesting. Such political engagement by a sizable percentage of American society has never taken place. One other issue needs to be considered. The law banning the leak of classified information necessarily makes government workers and contractors accessories to unreasonable or criminal activities without any recourse but to break the law. Consider that any the government analyst who knows of wrongdoing must remain silent and permit the wrongdoing to continue, thereby arguably becoming an accessory to such actions. How can such a law be good for society? Some modification of the law is needed.

opzioni digitali il migliore It took a great deal of courage to do what Edward Snowden did. If Americans fail to have privacy rights be restored and that government agents must present probable cause to a court to obtain a search warrant before searching Internet and telephone records of American citizens, than his sacrifice will have achieved nothing.

here by Bill Honer

forex hakkında bilgiler Bill Honer is a social activist and author of "The Moon Landing and the Mob." Americans would be well advised to take action on this issue in the form of writing letters to members of Congress and signing petitions to restore our privacy rights.

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The Girl Scout cookie conspiracy

Posted by administrator | 17 Jun, 2013

I am not a great believer in conspiracies.

I do not believe Bigfoot really exists except in the strained imaginations of some people. Some want to believe in Bigfoot, and some need to believe in Bigfoot. I'm not one of them.

I do not believe in the Loch Ness monster. I am sure some Scotsman, after a few nips at the jug, saw something. One thing about the Loch Ness monster is it has been good for tourist trade in Scotland. Who but a Scotsman could figure out a way to make money out of some illusionary figment of someone's imagination?

I do not believe in UFOs. The only UFO I have ever seen was right after the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I were married. Often when coming home from work I was treated to a UFO (Unidentified Fried Object). I am not complaining because whatever they were, they were delicious. I really do not have to know what I am eating to enjoy what I am eating.

But when it comes all these conspiracies, I cast a jaundiced eye toward them.

None of these so-called conspiracies has ever registered in my book. This past week, however, I have discovered that there is a real conspiracy afoot.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I had just finished some work at my office and was headed home. My wife asked me to pick up a few things at the grocery store on my way home, and I proceeded to do so. I had no idea what I was headed for or what was in store for me.

I parked and then headed for the entrance to the grocery store. Halfway across the parking lot I spied them. At first, it sent a chill up my spine because there was no way to get into the grocery store without passing them. I glanced to my right and then looked to my left but there was no other entrance into the grocery store.

I approached the store entrance slowly and the closer I got to it the bigger they became. There were six of them and they had spied me right off. It was enough to cause me to lose my nerve.

I had never seen such a sight before. There before me were six of the biggest, brown eyes I had ever seen. The closer I got, the bigger they became. And the bigger they got, the smaller my nerve got.

But I was determined. Nothing was going to flag my gait into the grocery store. Then I heard them. It was bad enough to see them but now I was close enough to hear them.

"Hey Mr., want some Girl Scout cookies?"

Those words cut deep into my soul as nothing I had ever experienced before. I thought if I just could ignore them, they would disappear.

"What's the matter Mr., don't you like Girl Scout cookies?"

Don't I like Girl Scout cookies? I'll say. I love them.

These six large brown eyes came in pairs and adorned three very adorable young girls dressed up as Girl Scouts. If only they would have been boys, I could have handled it better. If they were boys I could have said, "Not today, boys. I'm in a hurry."

But, they were Girl Scouts. Cute, little Girl Scouts with big brown eyes.

"Mr., it's only $3.50 a box. How many boxes do you want?"

How many do I want? That is not the question. The question is, how many boxes do you have? Better yet, how many can I hide from my wife when I get home?

I stood at their table and pretended to look at the variety of cookies they had for sale. But as everybody knows, one Girl Scout cookie is as good as any Girl Scout cookie. Besides, it does go for a good cause.

Now that I was at their table, I had a dilemma. All I had in my pocket was a $20 bill. As those large, brown eyes looked at me, all six of them, I just did not have the heart to buy one box and ask for change.

"They all look so good I don't know which one to pick," I said to them.

"We'll help you pick them out."

That solved that problem but I still had the problem of the $20 bill. As I pulled the bill from my wallet, I could feel those eyes piercing into my soul. Why do Girl Scouts have to be so cute and why do they have to have such big brown eyes? This is a conspiracy if ever I heard of a conspiracy.

Finally, I did what anybody else would have done.

"Give me five boxes," and I hesitated slightly, "here's $20 and keep the change."

All six of those brown eyes danced as the rest of the bodies cheered quite loudly.

On my way home with my Girl Scout cookies I thought of a verse of Scripture. "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again" (Luke 6:38 KJV).

Not only did I have the delight of five boxes of Girl Scout cookies but also I had the joy of givingFree Web Content, which can never be minimized.

Maintaining Your Internet Reputation

Posted by administrator | 15 Jun, 2013

Maintaining Your Internet Reputation
By Premji M Nair

Having an internet presence is a strategically important move for any enterprising entity. The internet has made its presence felt in the lives of all producers and consumers and is thus the new medium of forming social connections. The internet is not only a medium of gaining knowledge and accumulating information about different enterprises, but also a way of socializing and building networks among them. All three functions that are enabled by the presence and use of the internet means that the online reputation of an enterprise is of utmost importance, and does not deserve any second- degree importance. Here are the different ways in which online reputations are maintained by social media/ network experts and consultants.

The first and foremost step in modern day network building is to venture into the unknown realms called the internet. Having an online presence is crucial, and because the internet is fast replacing television and radio as the source of information, the sooner one realizes its potential, the better it is. Create online profiles on important websites like LinkedIn or other forums where enterprises meet virtually. This is important for building networks and meeting your competitors and allies. The next step in creating an online presence is to have your own website. Having one's own website is akin to having your own office or your own store. Everything is available under one umbrella and it is easier for your target customers to get to know your brand better. All the information about your enterprise can be collated and concentrated in one place so that it is easier to find and know the enterprise. Apart from this, the website also becomes one of the many origins of online information available about your enterprise written by compiled by people outside your firm. People will form opinions and share them, and their first source will be the website. This means that not only is it enough to have a website, but it is also important to have a good functioning and updated website.

As mentioned earlier, the website is only one of the many origins of online information available about your enterprise. Other sources include comments for your enterprise, articles about it, links shared that concern your enterprise, and all the profiles created by you on social networking sites. If any individual is curious about your enterprise, then the first stop made by him or her would be Google. When he or she makes a start from this website, everything information available about your enterprise will be available to him or her also. But, search engines only display those results that have great traffic, and this means that unfavorable reports are more likely to have more traffic, and hence, more likely to appear on top of the results page. Such occurrences are enough to tarnish the image of your enterprise. The panacea for such problems is called search engine optimization. Search engine optimization means that the search engine will display results on your website the way you would want it. There are specialists in search engine optimization who can manipulate the displayed results. Apart from that, specialists also ensure that any unfavorable information is taken down if possible.

Those who specialize in online reputation management enable you to conduct your business, online and offline, in peace without worrying about the image problems. However, one constraint in the capabilities of the specialists is that your enterprise itself should not be unfavorable to the society at large, and should not offend communities.

If you want your company's online reputation to be in safe hands, you should hire a specialist in online reputation management like LAD solutions. To learn more about them, you can visit their website, or contact them at (323)-588-3034.


10 Important Marketing Tips

Posted by administrator | 11 Jun, 2013

Each of the following Ten Marketing Tips is based on a
highly effective - but often overlooked marketing tactic.
How many are you using? How many have you overlooked?

Tip 1:
Insulate yourself against the impact of change by
increasing the number of products and services you offer
...and by using a variety of different marketing methods.
Only a small portion of your total business will be
affected if the sales of one product declines or the
response to one marketing method drops.

Tip 2:
Customers are prospects too. Stay in contact with them.
Find or develop other products or services you can offer
them. It's easier to make a sale to a previous customer
than to someone who never bought from you.

Tip 3:
Avoid making any claim that sounds exaggerated ...even if
it is true. A bold claim creates doubt in your prospect's
mind and jeopardizes the sale. Reduce any bold claims to a
more believable level.

Tip 4:
Express numerical claims as odd numbers with fractions or
decimals. For example, "Our clients save 17.7 percent"
sounds more believable than "Our clients save 20 percent"
...even if 20 percent is the accurate number.

Tip 5:
To create an absolutely irresistible offer, combine a
special discount price and a set of valuable bonuses in the
same offer.

Tip 6:
Develop a series of 4 or 5 different special offers. Use
them one at a time with an expiration deadline. When one
offer expires, replace it with the next offer and a new
deadline. Continuously recycle through the same series of
offers. This enables you to keep using special offers to
generate sales without taking time to develop new ones.

Tip 7:
If you're attracting many prospects who really don't have
(or can't get) the money to buy your product or service need to change your market. Target a market where
prospects have an intense desire for the benefits produced
by your product or service - AND the money to buy it.

Tip 8:
Set yourself apart from competitors by offering an
exclusive benefit your competitors cannot copy ...or one
they're not willing to copy. One business owner I know
includes his personal phone number on every order. His
competitors don't - and they are not likely to start making
themselves that accessible to customers.

Tip 9:
Advertising copy produces the biggest response when each
reader can believe the message was written specifically for
him or her. As you write any sales message, visualize
you're writing to one person instead of to a large group of
people. This will help you write in a less formal and more
personal style.

Tip 10:
Most sales are not made on the first contact. Develop a
method to capture and save the names and contact
information of prospects who don't buy from you. Follow up
periodically. A little gentle coaching will eventually
convert many of them into buyers.

Each of these 10 marketing tips implements a simple but
highly effective marketing tactic. Take action now to apply
those you overlooked. You'll be surprised by how much
business it produces for you.

Bob Leduc

Is Your Ad Killing Your Brand?

Posted by administrator | 3 Jun, 2013

It's funny to me how companies spend thousands of dollars to develop a brand only to wreck it when they create their advertising campaigns. They pour over colors, fonts, logo designs, Web site creation, USPs, and target audience analyses. But then, when it's time to bring their message to the public, it all falls apart.

Case in point: a local technical college in my town has recently begun to run a television campaign. This institution previously had an image of providing cutting-edge training on technically based vocations. They have spent the last several years touting how high-tech their facilities are, and how leading edge their curriculums are. That's why I can't image what happened during the production of this ad.

The background music is slow and rather classical. The pictures are of smiling students carrying books, and of one of the oldest buildings on the campus. The copy did do its job. The copy mentioned how the workplace was changing and becoming more advanced day-by-day. It talked about how even the simplest of jobs now require at least some technological "know-how." But the clash between the copy and the imagery was painfully obvious.

What would I have done differently? I would have chosen each element with the express purpose of supporting the brand. The music would have been more upbeat and modern. The images would have been of students working at computers, or in engineering labs. The closing shot would not have been one of the oldest, stodgiest building on campus, but of the new stucco and glass building they added 2 years ago.

The end result *could* have been an ad that completely portrayed the innovative and advanced curriculums offered by this technology-based school. The copy, the visuals, and the music all working in harmony would bring about a much larger response, and would also reinforce the brand this institution has worked so hard to create.

When you create advertising pieces for your company, look for the branding aspects of each, individual element. As you work through the process, ask yourself these questions:

  • What identity am I attempting to portray?
  • Do the graphics reinforce that identity?
  • Does the music support my brand?
  • Is the copy descriptive of aspects related to the brand?
  • Do the colors fall in line with how I want to be viewed?
  • Is the medium itself appropriate to my brand?

When the final product (whether it be a piece for TV, radio, the Web, or print) is completed, show it to several people who are unfamiliar with your organization. Ask them to describe the "essence" of your business based on this one piece. If your combination is put together right, they'll be able to do just that.

When you pay close attention to each element you'll have a powerful end result. When everything works in concert, you will have a much more beneficial campaign that works to contribute to your branding efforts rather than destroy them.

Karon Thackston

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