How to Get Your Boss's Job (And Get Your Boss To Help)

Posted by administrator | 15 Oct, 2014

see url Ready to move up? Desire to move on?

Unless you (or your company) create a new position just for you, or you decide to get a better job outside your current company, chances are that you won't get promoted until your boss gets promoted (or moves on). Even then, there's no guarantee that you'll step into your boss's job.

There are two things that you can do to really make yourself promotable in your current job:

1) Learn Your Boss's Job

2) Train Your Replacement

Learn Your Boss's Job

This means learn everything that your boss does, not just what you think they do, but every minute little detail.

Find out what they really do each day. What is their schedule? What are their daily challenges are (you might be surprised at what you don't know) and how they deal with them. Who are their information and action resources?

How do you do this?

Just ask.

Let your boss know that you're ready to advance and want to know how they do the work that they do.

The point of this is not to become a threat to your boss but to provide them with the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder themselves. Learn enough that you can step up to fill their shoes once they move on.

Train Your Replacement

The surest way to career stagnation is to be very good at your job and not have anyone available to replace you.

Now, that can mean job security if you really love what you do, but if what you really want to do is what they're doing over in Marketing? Then it can mean misery.

So, while you're learning you're boss's job, start grooming the person who will replace you. Share your secrets, your tricks of the trade. Pass on every bit of information you can to one or two people who you feel can step into your shoes once you move on.

Show your boss and your company that you're more than prepared for a new position and a better salary. Make it easy for your company to promote you. Give them a reason -- give them a couple of reasons -- to make you the boss.


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How can I get a price quote on

Posted by karla | 31 Jul, 2014

borsa trading We have a general price list on the website that will provide you with one color printing only.  This does not include specific details to such as numbering, perforating or shipping.  To obtain a real time quote you go to the websites main page, Click on the 5th blue button down on the left side that says "Get a Quote".

trading binario opinioni In this area you are able to enter the size, color of ink, quantity, and any other items such as sequential numbering, perforating, hole drilling, back printing, wrap around covers, block padding shrink wrapping, or Rush services.  THen the page iwll take you to select your supplied art and zip code for shipping cost.  With all of the item specifics you will receive an accurate quote that includes shipping to your doorstep.

buy Lyrica online cheap uk This quote will be the actual price you will pay with your credit card when you place the order. If you have any questions about the terminology please give me a call and we can go over the terms and what fits your form.

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Where can I buy business forms?

Posted by karla | 18 Apr, 2014 Where can I buy business forms?  

The topic today is answering the question, “where can I buy business forms?”  That is a very broad question and I will try to answer as best I can. Let’s start with carbonless forms. Here at we are the experts in the carbonless business form field printing carbonless paper since 1979. The best way of knowing where to buy carbonless forms is by the quantity you need to run your business effectively. produces quantities of 250 to 5000 in 2, 3 or 4 part forms as well as other companies such as, or  If a quantity of 5000 or more is needed then you need to contact a firm with larger, faster presses that can handle the larger quantities at a more economical price. I would suggest Total Printing Solutions at  They have been in business for over 30 years and have a wide range of solutions for any business form.


Now let’s talk about 1 part forms printed on plan bond paper such as statements, invoices, work orders and the like. Again the quantity is the main question. If you need a few as 100 to 200, your local printing company is probably your best bet. If the quantity is 500 and up then shopping on the internet may enable you to find a better, less expensive way to purchase these type of forms. If they are padded say 50 or 100 sheets per pad a great place to buy is at or, as I said before, Total Printing Solutions would be a great choice if  the quantity needed is over 5,000.


Hope this helps you in finding the right print solution for the right form. If you have any further questions on this subject simply call me at 1-800-788-4901, ext. 110.


Is Carbonless Paper Safe?

Posted by administrator | 15 Apr, 2014

Will My Hair Fall Out If I Use Carbonless Paper?
by Kirk Joorabchi, Production Manager

A group of graphic arts students from the local university came by last week for a tour of Like most visitors we have around here, they asked what is that smell? It’s a good thing that I am not overly sensitive! I explained to them that the inks and cleaning solvents and even the carbonless paper that we use have a small amount of VOCs, (volatile organic compounds), and that while we are accustomed to them, most visitors find them unpleasant.

One of the students then asked: Is carbonless copy paper dangerous? Is carbonless paper toxic? Both are good questions. If he had asked me that 30 or 40 years ago I would have said there might be a good possibility. But the carbonless paper we use today is neither toxic nor dangerous.

Much time and effort has been spent by the makers of carbonless paper to insure that it is safe to use even for prolonged periods.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) published a report in 2000 titled Niosh Hazard Review Carbonless Copy Paper, Where it stated in part:
“In conclusion, although the weight of the evidence indicates that exposure to CCP in the past has resulted in adverse health effects; it is uncertain whether current formulations of CCP represent a significant risk to exposed workers. Only a few cases of systemic reactions and allergic contact dermatitis have been reported in the United States or in Europe, which suggests that the risk of these serious outcomes is extremely low given the large number of people who have been exposed to CCP over a period of many years.”

It further stated: “This conclusion is based on the finding that three such cases have been reported in the peer-reviewed medical literature. No cases have been reported in the last 7 years, and thus there is no evidence that current exposures to CCP present a
risk for this health outcome.”

So while carbonless paper may have a slight odor, it is perfectly safe to use!

What Is Pre-collated NCR Paper?

Posted by administrator | 6 Mar, 2014

What Is Pre-collated NCR Paper?
by Karla Hermann, Customer Service Representive

I have many customers who want to print their own forms and ask about pre-collated ncr paper. We use pre-collated ncr paper to print our carbonless forms here at

Pre-collated ncr paper refers to carbonless sheets that have been assembled into the proper sequence to make a complete set.

For example, for a 2-part business form, the paper comes pre-collated in a ream in white/canary sequence. The pre-collated ncr paper can be used in laser, inkjet, and digital printers and copiers to produce your business forms. The paper also comes in 3-part, 4-part, and 5-part in standard colors of White/Canary/Pink/Goldenrod/Green.

The advantage of pre-collated paper is you can customize your NCR printing in any way you want. You can produce your own custom invoices, work orders, and purchase orders for your small or large business.

How to make your own carbonless purchase orders: The paper comes in reams and each ream is loose, pre-collated sheets. The packages are clearly marked indicating the “image side” of the paper. Be sure to print on the image side of the paper in order for them to function properly.

To make a 2-part form with white/canary, you will need to print two (2) copies of your invoice template from the file you are using. The paper will come out of your laser printer in proper sequence collated together. You can then staple or glue together. The hand-writing marks made on the white sheet will transfer through to the yellow sheet for a fully functional carbonless purchase order.

You can order blank pre-collated ncr paper on our website at Just click on “Blank Paper” to get a price with shipping.

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